60 anniversary HMSM

Go to log in and enter your user name. Then click on 'log in'. Follow the instructions that appear.

It sometimes happens that you can't log in because your computer does not accept 'cookies'. You can solve the problem by changing the settings of your computer. Open Internet Explorer and click on 'Extra / Tools' on the menu bar. Select the sub-item 'Internet options / Opties'. Now click on the 'Privacy' tab and then on Sites'. For 'Address of website', enter 'zuyd.nl' (without inverted commas) and click on 'Allow'. Now keep clicking on 'Ok' until you have left settings. You can now log in.

In most cases, you will have received a user name and password from the Hotel School. If this is not the case, you should replace your user name with your e-mail address when registering. You can also choose your own password. If you do not succeed in logging in with the user name and password that you received, please contact Leonne Huveners.

Forgotten your password? Go to log in. If you try to log in with an incorrect password, the website will ask you whether you have forgotten your password. Follow the instructions.

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