Networks, clubs and circles are an important part of the Hotel School. It starts as soon as students arrive for the first time. Which floor will be first to have its own jersey? Under 'Student Association Amphitryon', you will find the student association of the Hotel School and her debating societies with their websites. Under 'alumni networks', you will find a list of networks created by and for graduates.

Student Association Amphitryon

Under the umbrella of Amphitryon Student Association, there are three sororities and five fraternities.

Alcmenae - Chouette - Sconfinato

De Gustibus Non Desputandum Est - Primus Inter Pares - Upper Ten - Waldolala - Xaviera

Antique flag student association Amphitryon

Alumni networks

INCH: International Network Connecting Hotelschool Graduates

If you would like to add a club to this site, please contact Leonne Huveners.

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