60 anniversary HMSM

Badge of Merit

The idea for a Badge of Merit came about when the Hotel Management School Maastricht was presented with the Order of Merit by the municipality of Maastricht in October 2011.

The Badge of Merit is awarded to those who have made exceptional efforts on behalf of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. This may be through the selfless promotion of our school, through making an important contribution to the educational programme, or in other ways. The Badge of Merit can be awarded to someone connected to the Hotel Management School Maastricht, to a staff member or to a student.

Those who have been awarded the Badge of Merit are:

Carmina Solà-Morales director Turismo Sant Ignasi
co-founder master IHM
Steve Lowy owner UMI Marketing
guest lecture and promotor THCB
Camille Oostwegel owner Châteauhotels & -Restaurants
former member IHAB
Henny Essenberg former executive VP/KLM Passenger Services
former chairman IHAB
Jan Janssen   CEO Tropical Islands Holding GmbH
former member IHAB
Hans Kasper Professor of Marketing Maastricht University
former member IHAB
Michiel Bakker Director Global Food Services Google Inc.
former member IHAB
Jan Meurer Retired executive Vice President, Inflight Services KLM
Hans Schalken Executive director/personal coach at Schalken & Partners
(former)staff members
Piet Lamberiks lecturer finance-economic management
Frans Kruip coordinator selection
Jeannette Leenders graduated in 2012
management internship THCB
Ruoxi Sun graduated in 2012
management internship THCB

Badge of Merit design

The Badge of Merit was designed by a student at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The HMSM commissioned the work, for which the Academy held a design competition. The winning design, a badge made of nickel, was submitted by Zsa Zsa Duarte.

An explanation of the symbolism in the design:

  • The earth represents the international nature of the hotel business and hospitality.
  • The castle represents the important springboard offered to students by the HMSM and the position held by the castle in our educational institute.
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