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Internships are an important part of training at the Hotel Management School Maastricht. They are essential in preparing our students for a successful career in the international hospitality industry. During the programme, students will complete a practical internship in their second year and a management internship in their fourth year. Both internships last 22 weeks and start twice a year, in February and September. 

Various options

Practical internship
In the second half of their second year, students take a practical internship abroad. They can opt for countries in Europe or Asia, or for countries like the United States, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates. The internship enables students to get to know the day-to-day running of the Rooms Division or Food & Beverages department of an international hotel and acquire a good overview of the industry. It also helps them to establish their preferences and the direction in which they want to develop.
Because we want to prepare our students properly before they embark on their internship, they first complete a preparatory course. In this we devote attention to issues such as intercultural communications and trend-watching. During the internship, the students receive intensive guidance from their supervisors.

Management internship
Students complete a management internship in the second half of their fourth year. Once again, the internship may be abroad, but it may also be in the Netherlands. However, in all cases, the student will be working in a hospitality-related company, acquiring experience in a particular field or policy area such as finance, marketing, human resources management, event management, food service or tourism. The internship will match the specialization that the student has chosen in the final phase of their course. This internship will include a research assignment and the student will receive personal guidance from an internship supervisor appointed by the school.


What are the objectives of an internship at the Hotel Management School Maastricht?

  • The alternation between theory and practice – learning and working on-site – prepares students better for their professional careers. It also facilitates the transition to the working field.
  • Students gain experience of working in an organization at an operational (practical internship) and strategic level (management internship).
  • In the specialization phase of their programme, students gain experience in an organization that matches their study and career plans in one of the following specializations: Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship, Food Service and Horizons in Hospitality.
  • To maintain and expand contact between the school and the business world.
  • To remain up to date with the needs of the profession so that the management of the school can respond adequately to them.


What can an intern from the Hotel Management School Maastricht do for your company?

  • You will be getting a young, enthusiastic future manager in the hospitality sector who will view your company with fresh eyes and supply new insights.
  • You can use the intern to explore a new market that may be profitable for you or to carry out another project independently.
  • Our students speak various languages that may be useful in a professional context.


What do our students regard as the ideal company for an internship?

A company that offers our students the following:

  • A training programme.
  • A supervisor to coach the student and monitor his or her progress critically.
  • Remuneration conform the standard of the country.
  • Willingness to provide an assignment in which the student can develop specific competencies.



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