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Finally! P in the pocket! | 01 October 2018

Friday 28 September 2018, 82 students were presented with the First Year Certificate by their study coaches in the course of a ceremony chaired by Luc Houben, who effortlessly combined humour and smooth presentation skills.

On behalf of the management team, Marja Windhorst, team leader of the Foundation Programme, addressed all students. In her speech, she referred to all the aspects that students –consciously and unconsciously-  learned in the course of the first year. She arrived at the conclusion that all those present must have found the right the life-work-play balance and she wished them the best of luck for the remainder of their studies. The chairpersons of Student Association Amphitryon and the HMSM Student Council also extended their warmest congratulations.

The ceremony also included a talk by three former first year students about their experiences over the past year. Lott van der Bijl, Mathijs Janssen and Yorick Marty managed to transfix their audience and gave it a humour-filled insight in the life of a first year student at HMSM.

After the ceremony, students and members of the HMSM teaching and support staff met for drinks and bites and the highlights of the year gone by.

The pictures paint the atmosphere of the ceremony well.

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