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Nissreen Idriss wins Global Mind Award sponsored by Hilton at 18th Global Mind Conference | 22 [translate|month02] 2018

All our interns blog about their intercultural experiences and trends on our platform Curious People during their international  internship. But there can only be one lucky winner of the Global Mind Award!

A special one this edition of the Global Mind Conference, sponsored by Hilton: an overnight stay at Hilton Schiphol Airport followed by a day-with-a-manager! The lucky girl is Nissreen Idriss who impressed peers and teachers with her beautiful blogs about (hotel) life in London. Nissreen blogged about her feelings about the homeless people she passed every day on her way to the hotel in Oxford Street, about the permanent reconstruction activities in the London Metropolis and the complaints by sleepless hotel guests, and made a funny trade-off of the pros and cons of the school uniforms she observed kids wearing from her window in the schoolyard next door.

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