Graduate Floor Severens wins IHAB Award! | 23 September 2019

During the Funda award ceremony on Friday 13 September 2019, the IHAB Award was presented to graduating student Floor Severens. Director Ad Smits had the honour of presenting the IHAB Award on behalf of the final assessments jury.

The jury praised Floor for her outstanding final assessment as follows:

"Floor touched her assessors when she told them about her development at the HMSM. During the first years she was really looking for her own personal direction. While searching she was moved by one of Peter Klosse’s (lecturer Gastronomy) stories about the influence of food on our daily life. She really used this in her development.
It is Floor’s challenge to connect the hospitality attitude she developed to health and disease prevention. In doing so she focusses on a very current and socially important issue, in her own special way."

IHAB Award

The Hotel Management School Maastricht presented the IHAB award for the first time in the academic year 2017-2018. IHAB stands for International Hospitality Advisory Board, which is the Hotel Management School’s advisory body. The award is presented to the student who made the greatest impression during their final assessment.

Final assessment

The final assessment is the moment for students to look back on 4 years’ study (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) at the HMSM. Each student tells the story of their personal development in their own specific way. The final credit for completing the study programme is the result. This assessment is 'the job interview for the future', you might say.


Four students were nominated for the prize by their assessors, because they made a particularly good impression and achieved a score of 9 or higher. The nominees were Sara Coppen, Inge Dezaire, Matt Flipse, Annejet van Kessel, Aïsha Langerak, Jerre van der Poll, Floor Severens, Karyna Tkachuk, Iris van der Velden en Laura van Velsen.


Besides the eternal glory, Floor won a cash prize of € 1,000 sponsored by Bidfood, an observation day in the company of IHAB member Michel Miserez, Area Vice President Marriott International Luxury Brands, Western Europe and an overnight stay in a 5* hotel.

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