Reprise: HMSM TOP PROGRAMME STATUS! | 31 October 2019

Having scored 8.2 (i.e. 82/100 in HBO Keuzegids 2020), Hotel Management School Maastricht is once again qualified as ‘excellent’ and has been awarded top programme status. Excellent news for the HMSM community!

The team’s quality management efforts and the sustained attention to optimizing the curriculum is yielding results. And this only increases the Funda’s value: a diploma awarded by a Dutch, internationally accredited, top programme school is an excellent entry ticket to the international hospitality industry. In a nutshell, “We should all be very proud of this result,” says Ad Smits, HMSM’s Dean.

Good company

Hotel Management School Maastricht is not the only Zuyd University programme that has been awarded top programme status as no fewer than twelve other programmes have been accoladed as well. This is good news, both for Zuyd University and for the region, as its shows that the overall quality of the programmes offered is of the highest level.

Keuzegids Hbo

Keuzegids is published by the Dutch Centre for Higher Education Information (CHOI). Large numbers of prospective students turn to this guide when selecting a higher education programme to enroll in. The Keuzegids HBO 2020 is based on the most recent data concerning admission, study costs and employment prospects, the outcomes of the 2018 Dutch Student Enquiry and new efficiency figures and expert judgements. For more information, please check

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