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Allow your business to benefit from the Hotel Management School Maastricht’s expertise. The many options on offer include training for your staff or the further development of your business. The HMSM can also provide students for internships or management projects.

hospitality projects

Research assignments

In the first half of their fourth year of study, our students work on management projects. In groups of approximately five, they spend 20 weeks working on a solution to an actual management problem submitted by an external client associated with the hospitality industry. The issue may be the development of a concept, market research, research in the field of finance or human resource management, the formulation of a business case, or a thorough analysis of an aspect of the business, followed by a consulting process. Clients pay a minimum fee of € 2.750 to the Hotel Management School Maastricht. The school ensures that students are properly supervised in their work.

If you are interested in having our students work on a management project for your organisation, please contact one of the following:

Management Projects
Mr Van Heteren
Ms Van Dongen
Mr Van Oers
Gastvrijheid in overige branches
Ms Teunissen

Read more about our market research on our management projects web page.

Small subprojects

Our third-year students can also be deployed to work on small subprojects (lasting 10 weeks) for your organisation. To arrange this, contact Mr Gerie ten Cate (

Finally, the HMSM can also arrange for research into gastronomy to be carried out, all under the auspices of our Gastronomy in Food Service lector, Mr Peter Klosse. Read more about the Gastronomy in Food Service unit by visiting the Zuyd page

Hospitality consultancy or training 

If you are looking for advice on or training in hospitality, please contact Ms Linda Hendriks ( Read more about the services we offer on our Hospitality Consultancy web pages.

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