Management projects

In the last year of their study at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, students work in project groups of about five people on a consulting assignment (management project) that lasts one semester (20 weeks). These projects are of various kinds and match the four specializations of the programme as closely as possible.

The main feature of a management project is always a practical assignment for one of our external partners. The client in question submits a problem to the students who must then use this as a basis for their research.

The project groups conduct their research for 20 weeks under the supervision of two teachers. The students act as external consultants, with the appropriate independence and responsibility. These management projects challenge the students to apply the knowledge that they have acquired on the programme to a complex, multidisciplinary management problem from real practice. They must show that they are capable of carrying out practical research in a scientifically sound manner. As well as producing a thorough research report, the students must also write an advisory report and submit the results to the client.

The management project is a crucial part of the programme, enabling students to show exactly what they have to offer. The assignment is a sort of ‘masterpiece’, in the original sense of the word. For our partners, it provides an opportunity to see what our graduates can do for them.

Carry out research?

If you are interested in having research carried out for your organization, please contact:

Hotel Management projects
Mr Van Heteren
Hotel Management
Ms Van Dongen
Mr Van Oers
Hospitality in other branches
Ms Teunissen

These companies have already had research carried out for them, to their full satisfaction.

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