10 reasons to apply for HMSM

"Dutch and English programme, small-scale and intensive education, living on campus, internships abroad, great career prospects, and studying in a true student city: HMSM has it all!"

You’ve had a look at our website or visited an open day. You read our brochure or scrolled through our social media. You are interested in hospitality, hotel management and the career opportunities Hotel Management School Maastricht offers. Are you ready to join our international hospitality community? Here are some more reasons why you should!

Studenten staan in het park van het Teaching Hotel bij het water

1. Nationally and internationally accredited

The Hotel Management School Maastricht is internationally recognized as one of the most esteemed hotel management courses and has various national and international certifications. 

We score 4 out of 5 stars in the Keuzegids hbo 2022 and we score above average on speed of graduation (number of students who graduate within 4-5 years). The Keuzegids is published by the Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie (C.H.O.I. - Center for Higher Education Information). The guide is based on updated data about admission, study costs and job opportunities, the NSE 2021 and new performance figures and expert opinions. 

In the National Student Survey 2021 (Nationale Studenten Enquête) students rank us high on ambiance, teaching staff, study support and testing/examinations.  In hindsight, 80% of our graduates would choose the same study again! 

The distinctive feature 'Small-scale and Intensive Education' has been awared to HMSM by the Dutch-Flemish accreditation (the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders, NVAO). The assessment panel – made up of representatives from the NVAO and THE-ICE (The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education) – graded the study programme as GOOD (which is the highest possible score) for each of the four NVAO standards used for the limited accreditation of educational institutes.

The assessement panel also stated that the HMSM met all of the criteria set by THE-ICE. The panel members acknowledge that the study programme continues to deserve the ‘Small-scale and Intensive Education’ distinctive feature, citing its close community, the many extra-curricular activities and the above-average results of graduates as just some of the reasons.

2. Dutch and English programme

The study of hotel management has both a Dutch and an English language stream. In the English stream you will study together with students from all over the world. We have many international students from different cultures who come to study with us. Thanks to this, we have international classrooms with a unique vibe, and during your study you will learn a lot when working together with people from different backgrounds and cultures.  At the hotel school you make friends for life because you live and study together, and many of the students spend their free time together too. In that respect, the school and student city Maastricht offer you great opportunities to enjoy your time here. 

3. Living on campus

During your first year,  you will live on campus with all the other first year students. This experience is both educational as well as a great experience! You will learn to live together with other students and deal with the challenges of sharing a living space. This way, you will develop important skills to become successful in the hospitality industry. Your student life starts on campus. You will make new friends and establish relationships which will transcend into your careers and future life.

Since 2020 our first year students live in the brand new and modern Student Residence on campus.
You will live in a unit in one of the three new buildings. In a unit you live together with 13 - 15 other students. When you arrive in Maastricht, you will have your own private room with a desk, bed and closet space and a private bathroom with toilet, sink and shower! Together with your unit you share a modern kitchen and living area. In addition, there is a lobby, postal service, sports room, multifunctional room and laundry area, all situated in the main building of the Student Residence. There is also space below the units to park your bike. 

4. Our own castle Hotel

Name a better place to take your first steps into the world of hospitality than an actual hotel, right on campus? Château Bethlehem, our better known as the Teaching Hotel is a true piece of local history, renovated in 2010 into a castle hotel. It has 26 unique rooms created by Dutch designers. In this hotel you will have your practical lessons at Rooms Division (Front Office and Housekeeping) and take care of guests in the restaurant L'Étoile

5. Small scale, intensive education

Because we are granted the quality feature of 'smalle-scale, intensive education', we can offer you intensive education where we invest in your personal development and guidance. 
The prime focus within our small-scale, intensive education is on:
•    Innovation (the next step in hospitality)
•    Connecting gastronomy
•    Development of a global mindset
•    Cooperation with alumni

These are points by which the HMSM distinguishes itself both nationally and internationally.

6. Practical internship

In the second half of the second year (fourth semester) you will complete an internship abroad. This means that for five months you’ll be working in the Rooms Division or Food & Beverage department of an international hotel. You can choose from countries in Europe or Asia but also in the United States or the United Arab Emirates. The Internship Office will help you to find the location that suits you best. The Hotel School works closely with well-known companies, which means we will be able to offer you an internship in which you can realize all your learning goals.

7. Management internship

The last five months of your bachelor are reserved for your management internship. This may be in the Netherlands or abroad, and in a hotel or other hospitality-related company, depending on your track. One of your tasks will be a specific internship assignment. The management internship is perfect preparation for your first real job and in some cases companies may offer students a contract upon completion of the internship.

8. Study coach

At the Hotel Management School Maastricht, you will train to be a competent hospitality manager. Apart from a thorough knowledge of their field, a good manager also has a number of personal qualities, which is why we devote a lot of attention to your personal development.

During your study, we will regularly ask you to reflect on yourself and (study) progress. Based on a Personal Development Plan, you’ll work on skills like co-operation, planning, giving feedback and providing leadership. In addition, all students have a personal study coach to assist them in developing the right personal competences.

9. Career prospects

Graduates of Hotel Management School Maastricht usually find a job quickly. The main reason for this is that the hospitality industry recognizes them as good employees with an excellent attitude and a thorough basic knowledge. This makes them suitable for a variety of positions.

Various sectors
Wherever you go in the world, you will meet alumni of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. Many of them have managerial jobs in the international hotel industry, but our students are also in demand elsewhere. They may, for instance, work in management or consultancy jobs, for healthcare institutions or service companies, in the conference and exhibition sector and in financial services. Banks and insurance companies select our students for their customer-focus. Take a look at some of the positions our graduates hold.

After graduation from the Hotel School, you may opt to start your own business. Your degree will fulfil the requirement of professional competence for starting or taking over a hotel, restaurant or wine merchant company.

International career
If you wish to start an international career, you can apply to many hotel chains for a manager in training programme. Every year, representatives of various hotel chains give presentations on the career opportunities in their organizations.

Postgraduate study
You can also opt to continue your studies after graduation:
•    Postgraduate studies at a university 
•    Master Facility and Real Estate Management

10. Starting in September or February

The Hotel Management School Maastricht has two starting moments. You can start our bachelor programme either in February or in September each year. 

The final enrollment date for each intake moment is:

  • Start September 2022 & February 2023
    All candidates: between 1 October 2021 – 1 May 2022

Have we already convinced you to apply for Hotel Management School Maastricht?
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