Let's catch up with Daan Kahmann [F 2018]

"If I talk to clients, I am able to put myself in their shoes and be compassioned, because those are the fundamentals of HMSM."

Alumnus Daan Kahmann [F 2018] is Sales Development Specialist for LinkedIn's Talent Solutions. As Daan says "some fancy words for being the first point of contact for companies in the Benelux region to advise them on their Recruitment and Employer Branding strategies. A Sales role."

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Daan Kahmann

What was your first job after graduation?

My first job was this job, but before I started my Sales -role I was part of a graduate program, called the Business Leadership Program. A 6-month period that prepared me for my Sales role now.

How did you end up in this job?

After starting to live with Irish lads during my operational internship in London, I met a few guys who were working and living in London too but were originally from Dublin. One of the lads moved back to Ireland to work for LinkedIn and after visiting him my dream started; I wanted to work for LinkedIn! My mate referred me and after 3 interview rounds I got the job. 

What is your best memory during your study at the HMSM?

Campus for sure. Looking back at that period it was just such a great, crazy experience to move out of your parents' house surrounded with all the first-year students. Happy days! 

What is the most important skill you’ve gained at the HMSM? 

The travelling enlightened me the most. To be able to live, work and experience different cultures is something I am forever grateful for. The skills are more soft skills, like intercultural communication, communications in general, hospitality, personal intelligence. All of those skills are really valuable to me in my every day job. For example, if I talk to clients, I am able to put myself in their shoes and be compassioned, because those are the fundamentals of the HMSM.

How did you experience the international nature of the HMSM?

Like mentioned above, one of the unique benefits. Before going to the HMSM I was closed minded and even said that I would never go to the States, because the culture 'wasn't for me'. Here I am, about to fly to San Francisco on Saturday after having travelled to multiple countries and continents in the world. 

How would you describe your time at the Hotel Management School?

Unforgettable. Wouldn't want to change it for the world. The people I've met, the experience I've gained and the lessons I've learned are inevitable. The soft skills and emotional intelligence you gain is very powerful.

Why did you choose for HMSM? 

My sister went there, and it only took me one open day to be convinced by the beauty of Maastricht and the HMSM. I didn't apply to any other, because it was either the HMSM or none.

What is the benefit of being part of the alumni network? 

Fortunately working at LinkedIn really helps with my network, but I think in general if you look at the industries hotello’s end up in is so diverse. This results in so many opportunities in different parts, companies and jobs in the world. So huge benefit and incredibly thankful for that.

What is the role of the Hotel Management School Maastricht in your life?

It's something I look back on and enjoy. It's a memory and important part of my life that shaped me to the professional I am today. I wouldn't want to have missed the parties at Amphitryon, Amskitryon, Plato '90 and especially HOVO, Four Seasons and many more great memories.

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