Let's catch up with Pascale de Wijs [F 1993]

Owner of Likewise and Grey Rebels!

"I think the world needs more people who can make others feel welcome."

A lot of students choose Hotel Management School Maastricht because they aspire a career in the hotel or restaurant business, but not everyone actually ends up working there. One of our graduates is Pascale de Wijs [F 1993]. Her cousin was already studying hotel management and Pascale really liked the idea of working in a hotel or restaurant. After graduating, she never ended up in such a career. Instead, she became a marketing specialist that now owns two companies; Likewise and Grey Rebels!

Pascale de Wijs, owner of Likewise and Grey Rebels
Pascale de Wijs

Best memories

Pascale describes her time at Hotel Management School Maastricht as 'a time in which I was able to develop myself in a pleasant way into a young adult person.' She has made the best memories during her time in Maastricht but says 'losing track' of the week was her favourite. Whether it was Wednesday or Saturday, there were always people, activities and a thousand fun things to do!

Most important is hospitality

Among the things she learned, hospitality is the most important aspect for her. Even though she never ended up working in a hotel or restaurant, she feels it is an important character trait to have in every career. People need and want to feel welcome in every department and will therefore only become ambassadors if you make them feel that way. This enables Pascale to implement her business and marketing policies. The job market in 1993 was not as colourful as it is nowadays. Hotel school graduates had two options at the time: becoming a flight attendant or intermediate at an employment agency. Pascale had a fear of flying, and therefore chose the second option. A fellow graduate introduced her to the agency, and that is how she acquired her first job. She quickly found out HR was not her cup of tea, and after 1,5 years she made a transfer to event marketing. 

Pascale de Wijs in actie
Pascale de Wijs

Likewise and Grey Rebels!

Nowadays, she owns the companies Likewise and Grey Rebels. Likewise is a marketing and communication agency that has just now launched a new initiative: Grey Rebels. Grey Rebels is a marketing and modelling agency specialised in the older target group. Grey Rebels offers a positive view on aging and shows a different picture of the group of elderly people that are now upcoming and still full of life. They advise governments, organizations and develop high-profile campaigns in which Grey Rebels show a different picture of aging. Completely different than a hotel or restaurant career, but all possible with a hotel school degree!

Alumni network

The alumni network has not only brought Pascale her first job. She feels studying together creates a connection that extends to all hotel schools nationwide. Hotel school graduates grant each other businesses, understand and appreciate each other and work together very well. 

Would she recommend Hotel Management School Maastricht? Definitely, but most importantly the study itself. Pascale: 'I think the world needs more people who can make others feel welcome (in any profession, position or role). And people who actually act on things and don't hesitate or think too long.'

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