Let's catch up with Rhoderique Meesters [F 1997]

Enjoy, discover, experience!

"At the Hotel Management School Maastricht you learn to develop a healthy dose of self-confidence and flair that you can use throughout your life.”

Rhoderique Meesters had already decided during his studies at MBO hotel school that he would also attend a HBO hotel school. “I had planned that step well in advance. I come from a butcher family and in addition to entrepreneurship, I was taught to think in steps and also to think ahead.”

Alumnus Hotel Management School Maastricht Rhoderique Meesters [F 1997]
Rhoderique Meesters

Company "Met Mees"

After the Hotel Management School Maastricht, Rhoderique quickly found his passion in the HR profession. His father advised him to also follow a master in that direction. “With my 20 years of HR experience, I took a new step last summer. In addition to my HR work, I have set up a company for study choice and career advice. The name “Met Mees” comes from my hotel school days. I was soon called Mees, an abbreviation of my last name. “Met Mees” means that we do it together, and that I help you to make your own decision.”

The question is: what do I want? 

Thinking in steps is completely in his system. During the study choice advice, he and prospective students follow various steps that lead to a follow-up. “With these young people we start with 'Who am I?',  then 'What can I do?', and of course also 'What do I dislike?’. Finally we come to the question ‘What do I want?’. We then make an action plan in which I give a study top 5 and plan of actions for further orientation.”

“In the study choice boot camp I find it important that young people get to know themselves, learn what they can and cannot do. From my experience in the HR profession I can quickly “read” people and guide them in the right direction. As an outsider, I often hear things different from a child than the parents themselves."

Finding the right balance 

His own choice for the HMSM was already established at an early stage, but what Rhoderique has noticed is that many young people are confused about their choice of study, especially with the overwhelming range of studies nowadays. There are already plenty of options for (digital) orientation, but parents and children must invest time and keep the discussion going. “I also see many opting for security, while happiness is very important too. The challenge is to find the right balance between what the child likes and the study that offers perspective for the future.”

Another striking aspect of this time, according to Rhoderique, is that young people only orient themselves via their mobile phone with films and online open days, which show mainly positive aspects. “I think you should also ask questions, so my advice is to seek contact! Here, too, there are so many opportunities to talk to current or former students, someone in your parents' network, 
or for example via vraaghetdestudent.nl, where you can ask your questions online or, even better, ask if you can call them."

In contact with other alumni

His time at HMSM is filled with wonderful memories and he still has contacts with other alumni, such as from the sorority UpperTen. “But I am still in touch with other hotello’s as well; you have a link with each other and that ensures that you connect with each other. An important life lesson from the hotel school for me is that I can make contacts in a pleasant, human way. I create links very quickly and can easily make connections.”

“For prospective students I would like to say: enjoy, discover and experience. At the Hotel Management School Maastricht you learn to develop a healthy dose of self-confidence and flair that you can use throughout your life.”

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