Let's catch up with Wisse Schellevis [F 2012]

"The international environment at HMSM is a great kick start for the international career hotel school students are most likely to pursue!"

Ready to make friends for life? If you ask Wisse Schellevis [F 2012], it is the aspect he remembers and appreciates most about his time at Hotel Management School Maastricht. After more than ten years, he and the friends he made during his study still organise a yearly Christmas dinner. Let’s find out more about his career path and these friendships!

Alumnus Wisse Schellevis [F 2012] Hotel Management School Maastricht
Wisse Schellevis [F 2012]

Why he started studying at HMSM? 

He preferred Maastricht over The Hague because in Maastricht, you did not have to share a room. But more importantly, he instantly felt an open and personal atmosphere when he entered the school. ‘’And who can say no to studying in a castle?’’

As of day one, he had an amazing time. During four years of study, he learned everything about hospitality and himself. He made friends for life, experienced living in Thailand, worked at the Teaching Hotel and above all, had the most fun. ‘’It really has become a basis for the rest of my life so far. I’m sure I wouldn’t be in my current role without the experience I gained in Maastricht.’’

His view on the international aspect of Hotel Management School Maastricht? In his years, the internationals were still a minority. Nevertheless, he has noticed the school has shifted towards an international environment more and more. A valuable change, if you ask him, because students are now involved with international aspects from day one on and not just during internships and minors abroad. This is a great kick start for the international career hotel school students are most likely to pursue!

Professional Career

Wisse started off his professional career at the group & events department at the Amstel Hotel, the company where he executed his management internship. He is now Marketing & Communications Manager EMEA for CBRE Global Investors, a company he was asked to join via his network. CBRE Global Investors is one of the world’s leading real asset investment managers with $106 billion in assets under management. 

Skills he learned during his studies are being creative and to never think ‘I don’t know how to do this’, but to search for an answer or alternative solution. There is always something to do and if not, search for it. To this day, he still applies these skills during his daily work. But these are not only usable skills during his work hours. He also applies them in his personal life, for example during the current extensive renovation of his house. Goes to show, hotel school skills will help you with anything!

Not only the skills Wisse acquired during his studies are the thread through his life and career. He is also reaping benefits from the worldwide Hotello network and their way of inspiring him. Even before he started, he saw how enthusiastic and inspiring Hotello’s were by speaking to them on vacations or open days. The broad network has brought him his current job and he is sure that wherever you apply, there will almost always be a hotel school alumni who can help you. 

Friends for life!

Hotel Management School Maastricht has made him grow over the past years and gave him confidence. But most importantly, it played the ultimate role in the friendships he has made. And to him, that is worth more than anything else!

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