8 mei 2020

Food Inspiration from Home

"Cuisine is not an old tired marriage. It is a passionate affair", so keep that in mind next time you are planning your evening meal. 

Last time we had a blog for you hotellos, this time I’m looking to satisfy the foodies among you! The Hotel Management School Maastricht is well known for its renown Gastronomy and Foodservice ‘lectoraat’. But how do we maintain our love and passion for food, dining and the restaurant industry, you ask? With inspiring movies of course!

CHEF (2014)

This is and always will be one of my favourite films. Not just because it makes you want to raid the fridge and start some extravagent cooking project, but purely because it's such a feel good film. The story is about a chef who has had enough of the stress and pressures of running a high-end restaurant, he starts his own food-truck and travels through the southern states with his adorerable son and best friend. It also has a lot of valuable messages and ethics for you future gastronomy professionals out there - such as every dish having to be perfect, no matter the client. 

Are you experiencing major cravings for a Cubano sandwich? Can't blame you. Follow this link to learn how to make them with Jon Favreau himself  https://thechefshow.com/recipes/cubano

The Hundred-foot Journey (2014)

A beautiful story about a family settling in France where they open their own restaurant. A strong performance by Helen Mirren playing a local chef and restaurant owner makes you appreciate just how much people care about foodservice. To quote her from the film, "Cuisine is not an old tired marriage. It is a passionate affair", so keep that in mind next time you are planning your evening meal. 

Ratatouille (2007)

I truly love this movie, truth be told - it always makes me cry, and always at the same point. But disclosing that would be a bit of a spoiler. Why don't you let me know in the comments at what moment you think this might be? I highly recommend this film for parents with young children, and who are looking to start inspiring their children towards cooking and cuisine. It's a wonderful story, set in the bustling city and food-rich Paris. 

Burnt (2015)

If your food is never complete without a star celebrity, perhaps Burnt featuring Bradler Cooper is something for you. The story is about a Chef who has lost his Michelin restaurant and must start from scratch - first forming his dream kitchen crew and then aiming for not just 1 but 3 stars. This film is definitely suited for the ambitious hotellos out there.

Fucking Perfect (2014)

This last option was suggested by my colleague here at the marketing department, Marijke Klaassen. I myself then watched it and really enjoyed this documentary film. It depicts the working life of Chef Sergio Herman and the 'best restaurant' in the Netherlands. It leaves you with the impression that it takes pure hardwork, determination and a whole load of confidence and skill to get to where this Chef is, but also of the cost one must accept to their own health and wellbeing. This is a must watch for those interested in this industry especially here in the Netherlands. 

Here at our very own Restaurant L’Étoile, we always try to keep up with the ever changing dynamic of the food and catering industry. Inspired by our surroundings and by the students who pass through it regularly. Perhaps after watching any of these films you might be inspired towards an idea for our own restaurant where first years have the real chance to influence the guest's table experience - let us know! 

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