Campus life is great!

Louise Horsten just loved her time at campus

"Movie nights, dinners together or a five-minute chat: there was always something to do at campus and you were never alone."

“I started my studies in September 2015, within the international stream of the propaedeutic year. International students were automatically assigned to the Geul building at campus. This building was not only the biggest of the four, it also had the largest rooms. Because international students couldn’t go visit their parents’ house as easily as Dutch students could, it was only logical they got the biggest rooms together with all other internationals. Being a Dutch student in the international stream, I was also assigned to Geul and I had an wonderful first year.

Campus Hotel Management School Maastricht

Learning from each other

Half of my hallway had started their studies a term before me, the other half were newbies just like me. Still, we all learned from each other. The older students told us everything about the bar, school and campus life, some of the new girls taught them how to cook. The kitchen situation wasn’t like I was used to at my parents’ house, but we made it work. Most of the time, everyone’s door was open which made socializing and eating together a daily aspect of life on campus. 

Creating memories

All my friends and classmates lived on campus for at least half a year. During these first five months, we created amazing memories. Almost every Monday and Thursday, when it was bar night, we had dinner and pre-drinks together in someone’s room. Luckily, whenever there were exams or assignments due, the bar would only stay open until 1 am to minimize noise complaints. During exam time, we were able to study together and help each other out. Movie nights, dinners together or a five-minute chat: there was always something to do at campus and you were never alone.

Making friends

Because we were all in a new place, in a new city, in a completely different environment we were all in the same situation. I started my studies in September, which meant I had two weeks of Inkom in Maastricht and Boostcamp at school before classes actually started. During these first two weeks we were already living on campus. One thing you really do not have to worry about as a new student at HMSM is making friends. You’re with each other almost 24/7 during the first few weeks, so friendships are very easily made. 

New neighbours

After half a year, half of the building left to make room for the new students. Now it was up to me to help out the new students and introduce them to campus life. This switch in neighbours creates more opportunities to get to know more people. Everyone knows everyone at HMSM, because you see each other so often in the bar, at school and on campus. In my opinion, this has never caused any awkward or annoying situations for me at all.

Moving to Maastricht

After a year, I had to leave campus and I moved to the city centre of Maastricht. At times, this was more convenient because I now had a fully equipped kitchen and I did not have to share showers with ten people, just three. But still, I would do campus life all over again if I was asked to. It left me with lifelong memories and I am still close to the people I met there. It really is a unique environment that you cannot get at any other school, and I am very happy that I got the opportunity!"

In 2019 HMSM started the construction of new student housing. There will be 390 new rooms with private sanitary facilities. Students share a kitchen and living room with 12-15 fellow students. Do you want to stay informed about the progress of student accommodation? Check out our Facebook page.

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