Uliana Soldatkina about remote studying

as a stimulus for flexibility and self-discipline

"The true lesson I have learned from the year 2020, is that humans are extremely flexible and can adjust to almost anything."

March of 2020 has changed lives of many. Adults have discovered the life of working at home and students at the same time had no chance but to sit their lectures online. I recognize there are many different opinions on the new way of living. There are days when you feel productive and at times you are completely lost and have no idea what’s going on. Let me tell you something - it is absolutely normal, no one really knows what they are doing in times like these. That’s why I have a few tips and tricks on how to stay afloat while studying from home. 

HMSM international student Uliana Soldatkino
Uliana Soldatkino

What changed?

The answer is: - Oh so many things! We are basically all going through a home-schooling period now, whether you are studying at the university or at school. And who said it is bad? 

On the bright side…

Now that we can all follow lectures online, it has become easier to study from any desirable location. Those who haven’t visited home, can do so without being scared they will miss out on important classes. Secondly, getting to class takes no more than 10 minutes now, it’s just a matter of dragging yourself out of bed. In addition, it frees up so much time that could be used to do something else. It is, therefore, much easier to take care of your health and rest more.

Studying from home

Studying from home makes it much harder to organize your life and stay productive, as there are so many joyous things one can do at home. It can be a real challenge to stay focused in front of a computer listening to lectures. Moreover, having lectures online, means that most of us don’t really leave their homes anymore, rather than to do groceries, which at times gets extremely boring and demotivating. Adding an extremely limited social contact to that, quarantine life can indeed get tough at times. 

The real question is how to overcome troubles and make the best of it 

  • Try to organize and set goals. Take it one step at a time! Try to set realistic goals you know you will be able to reach. Achieving those goals will feel good and motivate you to achieve more. 
  • Come up with a reward system for goals achieved. Don’t try to focus on materialistic rewards, think more like a nice break after you finished all the tasks, or a night out with friends, a weekend free of school stuff. 
  • Take on new hobbies and learn new skills. What is a better time to commit to something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had time for? It doesn’t only get your head off the routine but makes the time fly and gives more meaning to the time spent.
  • Connect with people. It’s time to Face Time people you haven’t seen for a while, just take your phone and call anyone you haven’t had a chance to catch up with in a while!
  • Go for walks. The best way to organize my thoughts and battle negative emotions for me during quarantine was taking long walks. A breath of fresh air and nature is the best way to clear your head and make peace with the world!

The true lesson I have learned from the year of 2020, is that humans are extremely flexible and can adjust to almost anything. Thus, I am sure online studying will not remain a huge problem to many in the future. I should say I got quite used to it, but I am definitely looking forward to the day we will go to school and see each other again. 

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Uliana and I am a third year student of Hotel Management School Maastricht. I am currently enjoying the minor Revenue Management and trying to cope with the tough reality of studying online. I love exploring and learning new things, which is why I take on so many hobbies, that always keep me busy. I am an extremely curious person and travelling has always allowed me to feel free and connected to the world. I hope you enjoyed reading by blog and found some useful information here. Have fun and stay safe! 

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