A day in the life of an intern at Andaz Amsterdam

"My tasks help me to better understand the processes in the Finance Department and how our job contributes to a clear and transparent operation of the hotel." 

Hello everyone! My name is An Vo, and I am a senior student at Hotel Management School Maastricht. Since the beginning of February, I have been working at Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht as an Accounting Trainee. Read on as I walk you through a typical day of mine as an intern at this beautiful hotel in the heart of Amsterdam.

An Vo
An Vo

Getting ready for work

My alarm goes off one hour before my office hour. “Isn’t it a little late when you work in Amsterdam?” you might think. But no, not really! As an intern here, I get a hotel room as my accommodation. So, I go through my morning routine, have breakfast, and go downstairs to get to my office. Before entering, I always pass by the Back Office to pick up the daily reports from Front Office and the Food & Beverage Department. As an Accounting Trainee, a large part of my daily job is internal auditing, so it’s important that I don’t forget these reports in the morning. As soon as I walk in the office (after greeting my lovely co-workers of course), I start up my computer and check my emails for any invoices, updates, and other new tasks. After jotting down everything I need to do for today, I make my way over to the kitchen and get myself a nice cup of tea. 

Day-to day-tasks

At my job as an accounting intern I assist in running the department’s day-to-day activities, specifically in Accounts Payable; processing invoice and accounts reconciliation and assisting with month-end financial reports. Hence, my mornings are usually dedicated to keeping track of the payments and expenditures of the day. My direct supervisor, Siena, sits in her own office right behind my desk. While we are very focused on our work, we also enjoy chatting with each other since we have a lot in common. 
Every Monday, we have an online call with everyone in the Finance department to discuss our main tasks for the week. Working from home has become the norm, and despite not having the meeting in person, I quite enjoy the Monday morning calls because it gives me an an idea of what everyone is working on and what I can learn from them this week!

When it's time for lunch my supervisor (Siena) and I go down to the hotel's restaurant. Once a week, we are treated as regular guests by the F&B team during our lunch roleplay. This is done to get everyone ready for a safe and Covid-proof re-opening of the Bluespoon Restaurant. 

After lunch I get back to work and tackle my other tasks of the day: Accounts Receivable auditing. The responsibilities include credit/debit card reconciliation, city tax reconciliation and daily reports auditing. These tasks help me to better understand the processes in the Finance Department and how our job contributes to a clear and transparent operation of the hotel. 

After work

After a day of hard work, I go out to meet up with my fellow intern in Amsterdam to enjoy a bit of sun! Our little meetups always involve “getting some Bubble Tea”. After a couple of months of living in Amsterdam, we have been to at least 5 bubble tea shops and we just adored them all.

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of what it is like to be an intern at Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Of course, each intern here goes about their days differently. If you're interested in pursuing an internship here, look out for open opportunities! Everyone here is eager to meet you!

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