Was it a coincidence or was it me?

Happiness in the event of an accident....

"How my internship has changed from a possible termination to a unique opportunity.”

When the French government decided to close all the hotels due to COVID-19 measures Relais de Chambord, my internship hotel, had to close as well. But I didn't want to go home...

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Rafaël Verheyen

Working directly for a board member of Marugal!

From a setback to a win in 30 minutes. Was I lucky or was it me? Let’s say it was a combination of both. The right person in the right place at the right time, I have been given the chance to work directly for a board member of Marugal. Marugal is, among others, the managing company of Relais de Chambord. They are specialised in the conception, launch and operation of unique premium hotel properties. So I moved to Paris, the city of light and love. I was offered accommodation in one of their hotels (with a view of the Eiffel Tower, important detail) in the heart of the trendy 9th arrondissement.

Insight in the hotel branche

Before I started my internship, my personal goal was to find out at what kind of company I would like to work. A large hotel chain with hotels around the world, an independent hotel in a vibrant city, start up my own hotel or rather work for a hotel consulting company? Marugal has given me a different insight in the branche. The side of a management company that is constantly looking for new opportunities with a portfolio of beautiful hotels such as Cap Rocat- Mallorca, Le Barn - near Paris and Urso, Madrid.

Operational Internship or Management Internship?

In my 'Hotel Management and Development Support' role I am involved in a wide variety of tasks, helping to set up a hotel business plan for 2021, presenting my benchmark studies, writing competitor reports.... I am expected to be independent, creative and to put my knowledge into practice and that really suits me. The most interesting thing I have had the chance to do is follow a potential hotel purchase. From studying the operational figures to visiting the hotel and negotiating the price. It’s safe to say that my operational internship is starting to look very much like a management internship.

In short, I have a fantastic internship experience at an eye-opening company in the most fascinating city.

Bisous, Rafaël Verheyen

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