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"Do you know that China is the country with the most cultural influence in Asia? No wonder that Chinese cuisine has become such a big thing outside of its own borders."

Maastricht is well known for its title of “the Netherland’s most international student city” where you can find a lot of young people from a diverse range of places around the world. You will probably end up having Asian friends who boast about how good their food was back home, and make you wonder how you can taste this for yourself. Or probably, you are an Asian fellow like I am who always proudly talks about our food to people and really need some suggestions of places to find your comfort food. Say no more: I, a born and raised Asian, will give you some recommendations for the best Asian restaurants in Maastricht. 

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Vietnamese goodies? Go for Saigon Cuisine!

The first one I would like to introduce to you guys is my most favorite place in town, Saigon Cuisine, a place for Vietnamese-food-lovers. Even though I am Vietnamese, I find most Vietnamese restaurants in other regions of the Netherlands not so amazing because of its lack of authenticity. So, to narrow down, I am super picky when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. However, I found Saigon Cuisine to be an exact gem for my Viet fella in town since its food is very home-like and full of flavor. The dishes there are made in the Saigon’s style, a city in Vietnam that the restaurant is named after. The flavor is quite southern. You can find not only the most well-known Vietnamese food, which is Phở, here but also the hidden gems such as Bánh Xèo, Bún Thịt Nướng, Gỏi Cuốn (fresh spring roll), or Bún Riêu. This restaurant is Vietnamese-approved!!! Check it out if you want to know how Viet food actually tastes like. 

Fancy some Chinese? Go to La Chine!

Do you know that China is the country with the most cultural influence in Asia? No wonder that Chinese cuisine has become such a big thing outside of its own borders.  Not only in Asia but also in Europe. I would really recommend restaurant La Chine, a lovely Cantonese restaurant located right on the Markt. This restaurant offers amazing Cantonese-styled dishes; you can have from dumplings (Siumai, Hakau, Wantan,…) to Peking Duck, Roasted Pork and so much more ! I always love the ambiance of the restaurant since it faces directly to the bustling Markt. Even if you are not so much into Chinese food, you can still enjoy a nice beer on the terrace on sunny days. Moreover, the service here is super hospitable, you will be 100% welcomed when dining at La Chine. 
Fun fact: Did you know that this restaurant was opened in 1951? 

Up for some Indian? Spice of India is the place to go!

Located right in the center just behind De Bijenkorf, Spice of India is truly spectacular for anyone who loves Indian cuisine. Coming back from my internship in Abu Dhabi, I truly missed the Indian food I had there and started looking for a place offering similar food. You can enjoy dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken and Tarka Dal or Saag Aloo. Moreover, if you seek vegetarian options, this restaurant has a lot of vegetarian-friendly dishes to offer.  The environment of the restaurant is definitely a plus since it offers a very traditional Indian vibe with warm lights and lovely music. Check it out if you are craving some Indian!

Honorable mentio : Moge Tee

And last but definitely not least, my new favorite place in town which offers amazing boba and cream cheese tea: Moge Tee! To be honest, I have never seen an Asian that does not like boba so that says something about the attractiveness of the special drink. Before, the only place in Maastricht that offered boba was Amazing Oriental, which was not actually up to my taste. Ever since Moge Tee came to town, I have a new hangout destination where I can enjoy my boba and my friends’ company. Moge Tee offers a variety of options, from the refreshing fruit tea, the classic milk tea, to the famous cheese tea, or even Yakult Tea (ever heard of that?). Check it out if you are curious about how some tapioca balls can be interesting to many people, you will not be disappointed!

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