Hospitality Consultancy

We create ultimate customer experiences.


Excellent hospitality

Hospitality is an important success factor for organizations and companies. With the right hospitality concept you will make a positive difference for your customers, visitors, patients, employees and managers.

The hospitality consultants of Hotel Management School Maastricht can help your organization establish an infrastructure where the guest, customer or patient is the focus. Are you interested in our approach? Curious about the results of previous assignments? Then read on at custom-made.

Our approach


Our hospitality consultants work on the basis of co-creation. We impose nothing, instead we create support together with you. Ownership for the changes and everything that comes with it lies and remains with you. From the very first moment.


Our learning and working methods are reliable and proven to be effective. These methods have been validated and certified as part of the acknowledged bachelor's and master's degrees (CEDEO, NVAO, ICE).


We are independent and constructively critical. We offer out-of-the-box insights and always use the latest methods. When considering future developments and opportunities, we encourage a sustainable change together with you. 


The Hotel Management School Maastricht has a huge source of relevant and up-to-date knowledge and research in the field of hospitality. Our young hospitality professionals are enthusiastic students who will support in a variety of ways. They are open-minded and full of refreshing ideas.

Time for a change?