Improve the guest, patient or customer focus of your company or organization

Whether it is about people-oriented hospitality, - customer friendliness or - patient care. Hospitality development is not a one-off promotion. We offer, sometimes in collaboration with other parties, hospitality training courses, master classes and other learning programs. The aim is to inspire participants to actively engage in people-oriented hospitality development.


Hospitality Innovator course

How do you ensure that your company, hospital, store or bank is a place that makes people happy? You will learn how to achieve this in our ‘Hospitality Innovator’ course. We put people first. Really first. It is what many companies would like to do. But what is easier said than done. Especially in a time where everything is about flexible and efficient business processes, ‘people’ have become overshadowed.

For this precise reason the Hospitality Innovator course concentrates on a people-oriented approach. We teach you how to take old concepts and ideas such as ‘customer focus’ to the next level. And how to regain inspiration and perception into your company or organization.


Start: October 2020

Info and registration

Do you want to become a more people-orientated company or organization? Then this course might be a good start for you or one of your personel. You will find more information in the brochure Hospitality Innovator. You can also contact Rianne van den Heuvel (06 20 32 42 88) or Bart van Linder (06 22 78 11 01). Or send an email to

Customer Service Innovator post-graduate course

Digital developments are drastically changing the playing field of customer service. How do or should you respond to this? How do you take your customer service to ‘the next level’? And how do you ensure that your knowledge and expertise are always up-to-date in this changing world?

Customer Service Valley and Zuyd Professional jointly developed the post-graduate course ‘Customer Service Innovator’. They translated their knowledge, expertise and experience into an innovative educational programme that focuses on the customer of the future.


Start: spring 2020

Info and registration

Do you want to explore the customer service of the future? Then consider the post-graduate course Customer Service Innovator. For more information, please contact Bart van Linder. Telephone 06 22 78 11 01 or email

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