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Hospitality training – successful, creative working methods

The hospitality consultants of the hotel management school in Maastricht always come up with customized solutions. Every organization and team is unique. We do not work according to fixed models. We look at what is needed and what fits your company or organization.

We use creative, inspiring and validated working methods that we have developed ourselves. Our methods always evoke movement and conversation. This is determined in consultation with the client and is partly dependent on the result that is desired. To give you an idea of possible working methods, we wrote out some examples below.


Hospitality scan

The Hospitality Scan examines the people-focused hospitality of a team, department or organization, covering 25 topics divided into 5 main groups. By means of a unique game format which we developed ourselves, we look at the preconditions that are needed to create a great, people-oriented, hospitable workplace. To be a 9+ organization. Where does your organization shine when it comes to hospitality? Where could you still improve? Which preconditions for maintaining a permanently high level of hospitality are well-defined and which could be improved? Is your organization already one that excels?

Our unique game format eliminates the effects of interpersonal relationships and creates a safe atmosphere for genuine dialogue. All participants are given the opportunity to share their opinions and real conversations take place as a result. You get clear insight into how your organization is doing in terms of hospitality. At the same time you will discover where the keys to success lie and what areas are eligible for improvement.

The Hospitality Scan generally lasts about 2 hours. The maximum number of participants is 12. The scan can be used at any organizational level.

Coaching game

The coaching game is an active form of intervision coaching. Amongst colleagues you examine your competencies. These may involve guest orientation, but not necessarily. You talk to your colleagues about what you are already good at, but also about where or what you could improve.

Talking about personal competencies is nerve racking, and can be scary! That is why the Hospitality Consultants of the Hotel Management School Maastricht have devised a special method for it. Our coaching game invites you to take an in-depth look at your personal competencies. It also makes your personal motivation and values visible. The method enables you to talk about yourself in a playful way, to place yourself in a vulnerable position and to be coached by your colleagues. 

You can use the guest orientation competencies we have identified. Alternatively, you can submit your own competencies: you specify 4 aspects that you are already good at and 4 in which you think you could grow. You tell the group why you choose those particular subjects. You also explain in what direction you have developed yourself recently. Finally, you decide what you would like to work on. Your colleagues can then coach you on these points for development and give you practical tips. The outcome of the game is a personal plan about how to work on your guest orientation skills.

The coaching game lasts approximately 2.5 hours. You are with 4 players around 1 board.

Dillema game

How can we personally help employees to coach each other in hospitality?
How do we ensure that employees start coaching each other in a welcoming, positive and constructive way, in terms of attitude and behavior?
How do we ensure new knowledge, insights and a positive attitude in the field of hospitality?

These are frequently asked questions that we often encounter. To get answers to these questions, we have developed an interactive, playful method that can be used on a regular basis: the Hospitality Pit Stop (the dilemma game).

The Pit Stop is a short session with a maximum of 4 employees. Each employee introduces a challenge or dilemma in which he/she wants to develop him/herself. You symbolically enter the pit lane. All 4 colleagues share their experiences and coach each other on hospitality and/or other dilemmas. Short and powerful. You will leave the Pit with maximum speed and full of energy and inspiration. You will return to work with tips from your colleagues and supervisor. Because of the playful design, it becomes easier to share your greatest doubts and deepest feelings with others. The dilemma game can be used to coach each other on hospitality or other daily operational challenges.

The dilemma game lasts about 2 hours with 4 people. Each person introduces 2 dilemmas.

Patient journey

With a ‘patient journey’ we figuratively step into the shoes of the patient.
●    Which steps does the patient go through?
●    What does the patient experience?
●    How can we make healthcare even more hospitable,
      more people-oriented at crucial moments, moments of
●    What kind of actions are required to make these
      necessary organizational changes?

With the patient journey you quickly discover, in an interactive way, what actions are needed. Often those actions don't cost a thing. Neither time nor money. Yet they can add something to the experience and feeling of the patient. The invaluable gift of humanity and attention.

Employee journey

The ‘employee journey’ makes it clear which obstacles your employees experience within your organization. It covers a part or the entire process from recruitment/selection, on boarding, introduction/training, socialization and daily work until leaving the organization. Thanks to the journey, obstacles become visible. You can now start an internal dialogue to resolve them.


Whether it is about people-oriented hospitality, - customer friendliness or - patient care. Hospitality development is not a one-off promotion. We offer, sometimes in collaboration with other parties, hospitality training courses, master classes and other learning programs. The aim is to inspire participants to actively engage in people-oriented hospitality development.

Hospitality Innovator course

How do you ensure that your company, hospital, store or bank is a place that makes people happy? You will learn how to achieve this in our ‘Hospitality Innovator’ course. We put people first. Really first. It is what many companies would like to do. But what is easier said than done. Especially in a time where everything is about flexible and efficient business processes, ‘people’ have become overshadowed.

For this precise reason the Hospitality Innovator course concentrates on a people-oriented approach. We teach you how to take old concepts and ideas such as ‘customer focus’ to the next level. And how to regain inspiration and perception into your company or organization.


Start: September 2021

Info and registration

Do you want to become a more people-orientated company or organization? Then this course might be a good start for you or one of your personel. You will find more information in the brochure Hospitality Innovator. You can also contact Rianne van den Heuvel (06 20 32 42 88) or Bart van Linder (06 22 78 11 01). Or send an email to hospitalityconsultancy@zuyd.nl

Customer Service Innovator post-graduate course

Digital developments are drastically changing the playing field of customer service. How do or should you respond to this? How do you take your customer service to ‘the next level’? And how do you ensure that your knowledge and expertise are always up-to-date in this changing world?

Customer Service Valley and Zuyd Professional jointly developed the post-graduate course ‘Customer Service Innovator’. They translated their knowledge, expertise and experience into an innovative educational programme that focuses on the customer of the future.

Info and registration

Do you want to explore the customer service of the future? Then consider the post-graduate course Customer Service Innovator. For more information, please contact Bart van Linder. Telephone 06 22 78 11 01 or email hospitalityconsultancy@zuyd.nl

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Do you want to raise your guest, customer or patient focus to a higher level? Then please feel free to contact us. Let us find out together how and where excellent hospitality can have a positive impact on your organization. Whether it is about government, services or healthcare.

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