Hospitality in government and education

Hospitality is applicable everywhere

The hospitality consultants of the Hotel Management School Maastricht are very experienced in translating the insights of the hotel industry into other sectors. We guide teams in processing obtained information and in creating a new working method or culture.

Our guidance is always tailor-made and fully adjusted to the context and the desired goals. We do not work according to fixed models. We are known for our creative and inspiring working methods that challenge participants to move and talk.

Our hospitality consultants rely on the strength of the organization and its people. What are you good at? What is highly appreciated? We like to make this very palpable. For example by using hotel school students as ‘mystery guests’. Their feedback about a visit to the counter of your municipality or school often provides valuable information.

Municipality & hospitality

How does a municipality ensure that it stays in touch with the concerns of its citizens? That these citizens feel that they are being supported well? That the municipality and citizens are building a society together in which everyone can and may participate?

The Hospitality Consultancy team of the Hotel Management School Maastricht often receives questions like this. We assist municipalities in resolving the aforementioned issues. This is achieved through custom-made hospitality plans. 

Successful case studies

In our daily practice we see how hard municipalities are working to be close to their citizens. At the same time increasing digitalization and self-regulation actually leads to more distance. It is a challenge for every municipality. Certainly in the light of increased tasks and responsibilities performed by municipalities. 

There are municipalities that have successfully taken up the challenge together with our hospitality consultants. They focus on people-oriented hospitality. In the following case studies you can read about the ambitions and results that have been achieved: case study Municipality Peel and Maas and case study municipality of Zoetermeer.

Education & hospitality

Many educational innovations focus on the child or student. From the student's perspective there is more to a good (learning) climate besides the actual lessons. Such as the informal contact with teachers in the corridor, the contact with fellow students during breaks and the contact with the catering staff and school caretakers. The people who turn their school days into a beautiful memory are the ones who really see them. Make time for them.

Our Hospitality Consultants facilitate teams in their daily practice how they can really work in a student-oriented way. We work in small groups in an interactive way. We focus on appreciative research and sustainable change. We also look specifically at how we can better organize the mutual co-operation.

Some examples of former projects:

●    How do we increase the hospitality of school caretakers?

●    How do we improve the internal, primary process in such
      a way that there will be more time left for the core task of

●    How can we organize our processes in such a way that
      the student has a central position?

Are you curious about how we can help your organization with student-oriented issues? Then please contact us. We are here to help with any question you might have. 

Start now

Are you a municipality or educational institution and do you want to get started with sustainably creating 9+ experiences? Feel free to contact us for more information or an exploratory meeting.

You can also contact one of our government specialists directly: Bart van Linder or Edith Muijsers

Vision on hospitality

Do you want to know what we mean with ‘hospitality’? In the following two short articles our consultants clarify this theme: ‘Make the difference with hospitality’ and ‘Working together on hospitality.’

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