Investing in people-orientated hospitality is rewarding

Investing in hospitality in the healthcare sector actually contributes to healthy business operations in the short-medium term. This is pointed out in various studies. However, it remains difficult to translate the profits into ‘hard’ figures and straight evidence.

Nevertheless, some of the studies provide solid substantiation for parts (source: amongst others Hotel Management School Maastricht, December 2018). By investing in hospitality, you can achieve positive results in the three main groups: patients, employees and organisation. Please find below a summary of the most important findings.



●    feeling more safe
●    improved patient experience (between 40% and 55%)
●    increased patient loyalty
●    less aggression and disrupted behaviour
●    quicker and more bearable recovery
●    less pain and infections


●    higher employee satisfaction
●    less leave of absence (-/- 37%)
●    stress reduction
●    fulfill more psychological needs such as recognition
●    more positive working environment


●    cost savings due to, among other things, less leave of 
●    attractive employer, safer working environment
●    higher employee productivity (+12% to 16%)
●    increase of the quality of care
●    shorter duration of stay and less use of medication
●    less wastage


Investing in hospitality pays off. It helps healthcare professionals to provide more targeted care. It makes patients, clients, residents and employees happier. Hospitality within a healthcare organization can also play a role in creating distinctiveness towards others.

The expectations of patients, clients or residents are changing in terms of service and attention. In addition, we have to deal with the increasing complexity of healthcare. All these aspects require an integrated approach towards people-orientated hospitality in healthcare organizations.

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