Hospitality in service providers

Hospitality is a core value

At numerous times and places in daily life, people meet to provide and receive services. Whether it concerns arranging an insurance, buying a train ticket to Maastricht or a flight abroad or having a house renovated.

Due to the increasing digitization in the world, services seem increasingly impersonal. The importance of personal services however, is bigger than ever. As contact moments become scarcer, it is important that the quality of the service is good and is working towards being excellent.

Service makes the difference

Organizations distinguish themselves in the market by being guest or client-oriented and by having employees who offer services to the customer in complete hospitality.

The hospitality consultants of Hotel Management School Maastricht know very well how hospitality can be implemented. We would love to support your organization too in optimizing your service and hospitality. Based on our vision on hospitality and our knowledge of service providers. We always work with custom-made programmes because every company and team is unique.

Excellent hospitality

Are you curious about the level of hospitality in your organization? Or can we contribute to an excellent service? Feel free to contact us without any obligation. We are happy to think along. You can also contact one of our hospitality consultants directly.

Vision on hospitality

We always approach the development of an organization from the theme of hospitality. In two short articles, our consultants explain what this theme means to us and the client: ‘Make the difference with hospitality’ and ‘Working together on hospitality.’

Please contact us for custom-made solutions