Alumnus Bouke Jongsma [F 2010] about his time in the Teaching Hotel

"Mrs. Barbou's shocked reaction has stayed with them to this day!"

Succes story of a former student. What has the hotel offered him? Bouke Jongsma, Export Manager at Satelliet Meubelen will tell you more about how he was involved in the Teaching Hotel, what his best experience was en he will also tell you about the relationship between his current employer and the Teaching Hotel.

Bouke Jongsma en Leonie Goverde in het Teaching Hotel

Opening of the Teaching Hotel

Bouke Jongsma, 34 years young and living in the picturesque Oudenbosch in North Brabant, said goodbye to the Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem 10 years ago. He is currently working as an Export Manager at Satelliet Meubelen. During his studies at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, he was a board member of Amphitryon and as such already involved in the opening of the Teaching Hotel. Bouke and his fellow student Willem Overakker decided to do their management internship in the pre-opening phase of the Teaching Hotel. Bouke ended up working in the Rooms Division department. 

Cooperation with Satelliet Meubelen

His time at the Teaching Hotel has ensured that he has gained insight into the opening of the hotel and all the operational aspects. In a short time he has gained a lot of knowledge. This also ensured that he started working for his current employer, Satelliet Meubelen. They were the supplier of the furniture for the hotel and because of this he came into contact with Satelliet. It was a mutual click that still offers opportunities and developments 10 years later.

Delivering corporate gifts

Bouke also told us about the funniest anecdote during his time at the hotel. Bouke and Willem set out to deliver corporate gifts to relations during Christmas and were allowed to borrow the car of Mrs. Barbou, the Rooms Division Manager of the hotel. On the day of delivery it had snowed quite heavily to say the least. There was a lot of slithering and sliding going on that day. On their way back they accidentally passed the car junkyard. As a joke, the took a broken red bumper from the junkyard and back at the hotel placed it over the bumper over the car. Mrs. Barbou's shocked reaction has stayed with them to this day!

Satelliet Meubelen and the Teaching Hotel

The relationship between his current employer Satelliet Meubelen and the Teaching Hotel is based on mutual partnership. Advice, thinking together and being involved in the operation ensures that both parties can operate optimally within their field. Besides the fact that there is a business relationship, there is also a strong, personal bond with the Teaching Hotel. On September 14, 2019 Bouke got married at the Teaching Hotel with Leonie Goverde [F 2015], also a former hotel school student.

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