Study programme

Are you ready for a challenge? Then follow the master Facility and Real Estate Management (FREM) at the Hotel Management School Maastricht. The integration of two worlds (Facility and Real Estate Management) shows you the dynamics between hospitality, services, management and buildings from a whole new perspective. 

You see these skyscrapers when you go on a study trip to London during your Facility Management master's.

Become part of an international and dynamic group of students who are coached by passionate experts and academics. They will help you to reach your full potential. You will be challenged to excel. You can look forward to interesting cases, pitches, group discussions and assignments. After only 1 year you will receive a double masters degree. The one-year course is entirely in English.

What will you learn?

Do you see yourself creating workplaces where employees can thrive? Or come up with a sustainable solution for the re-development of a building? There are lots of branches where you can work with a master in Facility and Real Estate Management. The opportunities are practically endless! We will prepare you for the most diverse and challenging positions so you can thrive in your future career.

The master Facility and Real Estate Management will challenge you academically in a variety of different disciplines. Our students are emerging as the new generation of FREM leaders. Graduates are true ‘value enablers’ in the field of Facility and Real Estate Management. They are capable of creating smart, sustainable fit-for-use environments and supporting services. In addition, they take 'hard' and 'soft' services into account in an integrated manner and also have an eye for sustainable solutions.

Study programme

Strategic Facility Management

The Strategic Facility Management module is all about ‘How do we increase the added value of FREM?’ We will cover the following areas of concern while keeping in mind how we can save on the costs: facilities that are in line with the strategy of the organization, 'the perfect match' between supply and demand, integrated management, insourcing and outsourcing, cooperative with the current market, value-driven purchasing (best value procurement), saving costs and increasing quality.

Strategic Building Management

The Facility and Real Estate Management master also has a Strategic Building Management module. Here the focus will be in strategic real estate planning. Herein, we will zoom in on a specific building and 'measure' the requirements of the users and the performance the building offers. We will compare and define the mismatch and develop a strategy to minimize it. Eventually we will translate the strategy into a tactical plan.

Strategic Business Management

In this module we will develop your knowledge of personal leadership, management, change management, business strategies, cultures (within a country/company), structure, power and politics, human resource management and their impact on primary and supporting processes. You will learn how the supporting processes can contribute to organizational goals in a sustainable way. You will also discover and strengthen your own personal leadership in an innovative and challenging way. You will formulate a vision of your leadership style and present it to the group.

Strategic Asset Management

Within Strategic Asset Management we will analyze the capital market and investment sector from a broader perspective. In view of potential risks, we will investigate the financial structure and performance of real estate assets, within specific market conditions and respective real estate portfolios. Moreover, we will look at the assessment of a property based on market trends, operating data, predicted returns and the value of real estate. You will learn to analyze financial reports on a general level. You will also learn how to handle and judge FREM Planning & Control procedures in an ethical and professional manner.

Academic Skills

During the Academic Skills module you will acquire everything you need to complete your research proposal and thesis successfully. Focusing on, how to develop plans and research questions and how to hypothesize for a research problem.

You will become familiar with the most important trends within the philosophy of science and you will examine various research strategies and methods. Allowing you to analyze and evaluate the work of others. You will be stimulated to become a critical thinker equipped with a good understanding of techniques for qualitative and quantitative data analysis.


With your thesis you will distinguish yourself. At the same time you will push the boundaries of Facility and Real Estate Management. As a critical and independent thinker you will examine a hypothesis within the field of FREM. You will carry out a coherent research project that solves a research problem. This should be supported by international, academic literature. Your thesis contains research questions, hypotheses, research strategies, methods for data collection and analysis and project planning. You will be able to translate all your findings into appropriate conclusions and make valuable recommendations. The final product? Your calling card for the industry!

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London study trip

Late October you will go on a study trip to our partner university, the University of Greenwich in London. Here you will follow a masterclass and workshops. We will also visit the most innovative development, facility and real estate concepts in London. The tours are to stimulate your ideas and inspire you in your future concepts.