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The Hospitality Consultants at the Hotel Management School Maastricht support companies and organisations in developing people-focused hospitality and customer and patient friendliness. They do this through various services and activities, such as masterclasses, consultancy and interim consultancy. They also offer an extensive range of customised hospitality training courses.

Hospitality training

We believe that the development of hospitality is a continual process. This is why we do not provide any fast-track hospitality training courses without a solid base. We believe that hospitality should be a core value in any organisation. And that an organisation’s training as a whole and the content of hospitality training courses should be focused on developing these core values.

The 3Hs in hospitality training

The 3Hs (Happiness, Hospitality and the Human Touch) form the basis of all our hospitality training courses. For us, these are not three strategies that are isolated but instead they represent a comprehensive approach. We are able to make three commitments (in one):

Happiness: we activate happy, animated and enthusiastic staff who are motivated and passionate about making a contribution to the organisation’s objectives.

Hospitality: we activate happy customers who experience authentic hospitality, have outstanding customer experiences and are happy to reward the organisation for them.

Human Touch: we do all of this while taking a human perspective, by making a focus on people and human authenticity both an internal and an external factor with substance (we practise what we teach).

We are able to train moodmakers or, in other words, ambassadors, who are able to promote and convey hospitality within your organisation.

Hospitality training makes all the difference

Hospitality training needs to touch people and to make a difference. This is why we have developed a comprehensive training programme that uses all kinds of fun work formats, each of which is an experience in itself. You could describe the programme as a kind of Disneyland of work formats when it comes to hospitality. We have prepared a booklet on the programme, which you can download. Among the details contained in the booklet are 16 different work formats, developed by us. They all have a proven impact and serve to inspire participants, and sometimes even to move them, and above all, they are people-focused. Some examples:
Hospitality Scan
Coaching Game
Dilemma Game

Hospitality programmes: open of in-company

Our Hospitality Consultancy develops training programmes itself or in collaboration with other parties. The programmes inspire their participants to get to work on the development of people-focused hospitality within their own organisations. Partners we work with include Nyenrode Business University, Zorgvisie and Gastvrije Zorg. Visit the Hospitality Academy page for more information about the masterclasses and programmes. Alternatively, why not contact us today?

Customised Hospitality Training

The options we can offer go beyond what we have summarised here. If the work formats outlined do not immediately seem like a good fit for your organisation, we will consult with you to develop one that does meet your requirements and your wishes. Visit the customised solutions page for more information, or contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.