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Coaching game

The coaching game is an active form of peer-to-peer coaching involving your colleagues and examining your own competencies. The competencies involved may be hospitality-related, but this does not necessarily need to be the case. You talk to your colleagues about what you are already very good at, and also about the things you can improve on.

Talking about personal competencies is always nerve-racking - really nerve-racking. This is why the Hospitality Consultants at the Hotel Management School Maastricht have devised a format for this. The coaching game we have developed rapidly enables you to take an in-depth look at your personal competencies, making your personal motivation and values visible. The format is fun and makes it easy for you to talk about yourself, to reveal your vulnerabilities and to allow yourself to receive coaching from your colleagues. This then enables you to work in a more guest-oriented way in the future.

You can also make use of the guest-orientation competencies we have identified. Alternatively, you can opt to submit your own competencies: you specify four that you are already good at and four that you would like to develop and need coaching for. You explain why you selected the particular cards you did and tell the group about the direction your development has taken over recent time. Finally, you state what you would like to work on. Your colleagues can then coach you on the points you would like to develop further and provide you with practical tips on how to do this. You therefore leave the session with a personal plan for working on your guest-orientation competencies.

The coaching game last approximately two and a half hours, with four players playing per board.

Hospitality Consultancy has developed 15 other work formats. A description of these can be found in this booklet that you can download.