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Dilemma game

The dilemma game can be used for peer-to-peer coaching in matters relating to hospitality or other day-to-day dilemmas.

  • How can we help staff to coach each other in matters relating to hospitality?
  • How do we ensure that staff coach each other in relation to attitude and conduct in a hospitable, positive and constructive way? 
  • How can we embed new knowledge, insights and conduct relating to hospitality within the organisation?

These are questions that organisations frequently ask. We have developed an interactive, fun way of obtaining answers to these questions and it is a method that can be used on a regular basis. We call it the Hospitality Pit Stop (or the dilemma game). The Hospitality Pit Stop is a short session in which a maximum of four staff participate. Each member of staff presents their own challenge or dilemma in relation to which they would like to develop. The participants then enter the pit stop, as it were. They share their experiences and coach each other in hospitality matters and/or other dilemmas. The session is short and effective, and participants exit the pit stop fully fuelled, full of energy and full of inspiration. They then use the tips received from colleagues and the session supervisor when carrying on with their work. This is a method in which participants coach each other. As the game is fun to play, sharing your greatest doubts and deepest feelings with others becomes easier.

The dilemma game takes approximately two hours to play with four participants, with each participant submitting two dilemmas.

Hospitality Consultancy has developed 15 other work formats. A description of these can be found in this booklet that you can download.