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Hospitality Scan

If you want to take a step closer to being an even more people-focused, hospitable organisation, you will need to have insights into the following and other aspects:

  • How hospitable are you now? 
  • How can you take the next step in hospitality?
  • What investments will you need to make in order to raise hospitality to the desired level and keep it there?

The Hospitality Scan will provide you with clear answers to these questions. The scan is practical and effective in use.

What is the Hospitality Scan?

The Hospitality Scan looks into the people-focused hospitality offered by a team, department or organisation, covering 25 facets divided into 5 main groups. We use a unique game format we developed ourselves to look at the preconditions that will be required to create a great, people-focused, hospitable workplace. In other words, for creating an outstanding organisation. Where does your organisation shine when it comes to hospitality? Where could you make improvements? Which preconditions for maintaining hospitality at a high level are in place and which are not? Is your organisation already one that excels?

Our unique game formats eliminate the effects of interpersonal relationships and create a safe atmosphere in which the dialogue can be sincere. All participants are given the opportunity to share their opinions, with real discussions taking place. You are provided with clear insights into how your organisation is doing when it comes to hospitality. It is also immediately made clear to you where the keys to success lie and where improvements can be made.

The Hospitality Scan takes approximately two hours and the maximum number of participants is 12. The scan can be used at any organisational level.

Hospitality Consultancy has developed 15 other work formats. A description of these can be found in this booklet that you can download.