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3H Model

We believe that an organisation can only truly excel if, in addition to an outstanding foundation of skill, it also offers Happiness, Hospitality and the Human Touch. We call this the Three H model.

Happiness: happy, animated and enthusiastic staff who are motivated and passionate about making a contribution to the organisation’s objectives.

Hospitality: happy customers who experience authentic hospitality, have outstanding customer experiences and are happy to reward the organisation for them.

Human Touch: a focus on people and human authenticity as both an internal and an external factor (we practise what we teach).

The FOUNDATION for your outstanding organisation will also need to be rock solid. Your staff need to have the right attitude, be well trained and have sufficient knowledge and skills.

Do your staff use their knowledge and skills at the right time? Are they open to further development? Are they able to work together well? Do they take the initiative to improve matters, to go the extra mile, to really make your organisation one that creates ‘magic moments’? If so, then this means that someone, your team or the organisation is on FORM: on form to be an outstanding organisation.

Is your team capable of showing hospitality? Do you provide people-focused services (the human touch)? Are your managers capable of creating a hospitable mood that in turn means that everyone enjoys their work? If so, then you are at the TOP of your game... and customers/patients/guests/the public notice this, and that is what it is all about. We call this ‘creating magic moments’ and creating a truly sustainable, outstanding organisation.

The Hospitality Consultancy at the Hotel Management School Maastricht supports companies and organisations from any sector in the development of hospitality. Take a look at who we are and how we can boost your business. Or contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.