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We regard our clients as our partners and look to build long-term, sustainable relationships with them. Our motto is 'Share the next step in hospitality'. Working with you, we develop new concepts and solutions for optimising hospitality within your organisation. We do so through ‘creative collaboration’. Through this, our partners are able to achieve their qualitative and quantitative targets (customer satisfaction and results) even more effectively. They are able to achieve greater added value both internally and externally.

The case studies outlined below will provide an impression of what we do and how we support businesses and organisations when it comes to hospitality.

We are active or have been active in a broad field of work, including:

Albert Heijn, Crossmarks, GGZE Eindhoven, Transavia, st Antonius Ziekenhuis, Meander Zorggroep, Charim Zorggroep, Gemeente ’s-Hertogenbosch, Frankenland Zorggroep, Rabobank, Obvion, Volvo, Rechtbank Oost-Brabant en Rechtbank Limburg, Pergamijn, Sligro, Stami Carbon, DSM en Euretco.


We connect to professionals and organisations that think the same way we do, add to our expertise and contribute innovative concepts. This keeps us fresh and helps us to be successful together in what is an exponentially changing world. Our business partners are: