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Bernhoven Ziekenhuis

Bernhoven Hospital is a regional hospital serving the area around the Dutch town of Uden. It resulted from the merger of two smaller hospital organisations. What started out under the project name DROOM (Dream) in 2012 now seems to have become a reality. Or, in any case, many of the dreams the hospital had have come true.

The latest figures show that the measures taken to achieve the right conditions for effective, people-focused, meaningful care have put Bernhoven Hospital on the right path. More time and attention for patients is leading to better healthcare decisions. This has resulted in an effective decrease in the cost of care of 12%. Bernhoven Hospital provides fewer healthcare treatments while at the same time increasing patient satisfaction, showing that it is possible to call a halt to the ever-increasing costs of healthcare and break the trend.

Hospitable, patient-centric care

A people-focused hospitality culture is part of the programme. The patient forms the starting point for any action taken. This means that people-focused, hospitable thinking is integrated into the hospital at all levels. The Hospitality Consultancy team from the Hotel Management School Maastricht has supported Bernhoven Hospital over the last four years.

Activities have included intensive programmes in which individual teams at the hospital were examined to see how healthcare in each department could be improved, made more hospitable and more people-focused. This resulted, among other things, in Bernhoven Hospital being awarded the title of most hospitable hospital in the Netherlands! Our team looks back on this project with pride. At the same time, we join Bernhoven Hospital in looking forward to the next phase, which is embedding a people-focused hospitality culture within the organisation.