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Customer-focused passenger transport

In the summer of 2015, the Hotel Management School Maastricht received a request from public transport company Veolia, one of its neighbours. Its concession period was due to end in December 2016, with rival Arriva set to take over the provision of public transport in the province of Limburg. In such situations, service often declines in the last year as no more investments are made in people or vehicles. Veolia wanted things to be different. “We strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction levels for the whole of the concession period,” explains Roland Becx, Commercial Manager at Veolia.

During exploratory discussions, ‘a short but very effective boost in quality’ in relation to service and customer focus was talked about. And once a series of five Hospitality Scans® had been completed, it became clear that the boost was primarily required at management level. Over the course of a five-day programme held at our own Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem, managers from all of the company’s regions were prepared for managing a ‘hospitable public transport company’.

At the same time, a programme entitled ‘Welkom!’ (Welcome!) was put in place, involving the provision of the extra service in buses and trains. Around 30 moodmakers were involved in the process and over the course of the last few months of 2016, the customer-focused service was rolled out in every bus and train and at every service counter. Following the transfer of service to Arriva on 10 December, Veolia was able to leave the province with its head held high, leaving behind satisfied customers and a satisfied client.

Hospitality Consultancy was delighted to have designed and assisted in this process.