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peel en maas

Municipality Peel en Maas

The attractive Municipality of Peel en Maas is situated in North Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. Hospitality Consultancy supports the municipal organisation in its continual pursuit of being an excellent service and product provider. Primarily, the municipality wants to do all the things it is obliged to do in its role as a local authority as well as it possibly can. Such tasks include issuing passports and driving licences, ensuring public safety, enforcing permits and helping to meet requests for social care and support.

People-focused service provision

The municipality has discovered a new role over the last few years, namely the role of equal partner and/or supporter of:

  • businesses who offer places to people at a disadvantage on the labour market
  • sports clubs thinking about their own future
  • village and residential centres drawing up new development concepts

In this new role and as a local authority, the Municipality of Peel en Maas wants to be a part of the momentum of the other party and be of value to that party. So, in short, the municipality plays several roles where its citizens and businesses are concerned, being a service provider, enforcer and partner all at the same time.

As these roles can sometimes conflict with each other, playing them all at the same time without problems is tricky. In order to be able to fulfil all of its responsibilities, the municipal organisation strives towards ‘people-focused hospitality’. What this means is paying attention to any citizen it deals with and showing genuine interest in the person behind the citizen. The Hospitality Consultants at the Hotel Management School Maastricht are delighted and honoured to be able to make a contribution to the shaping of people-focused hospitality as shown by the innovative Municipality of Peel en Maas.