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From consultancy and implementation to inspiration and coaching: the Hotel Management School Maastricht’s Hospitality Consultancy service can be applied to all kinds of organisations and at any level. We provide customised solutions and focus on your specific problem, question or requirement. Some of the activities we offer to help your organisation or business excel in hospitality are listed below.

Hospitality Consultancy

For our Hospitality Consultancy, ‘Share the next step in hospitality’ means sharing knowledge, experience, energy and values where the development of hospitality is involved. The objective of the Hospitality Consultancy is to listen to organisations properly and to help them to optimise their hospitality, customer friendliness or patient centricity. This then enables them to offer their clients (customers, guests or patients) the very best service. We work in accordance with our Three H ideology. At the same time, we like to share the latest knowledge obtained from the field of work with the Hotel Management School Maastricht so that teaching and research are kept up to date.

Interested in finding out what we can do for your business or organisation? Then why not contact us? We look forward to hearing from you.

Hospitality Academy

We believe that the development of hospitality is something that merits constant attention. Ideally, it should be a core value of every organisation. Training within organisations would then be dedicated to the development of core values. Included in these would be people-focused hospitality, customer friendliness or patient care. To support this process, the Hospitality Consultancy develops its own training programmes, or works with other parties to do so. The programmes inspire their participants to get started on the development of people-focused hospitality within their own organisation. The partners we work with include Nyenrode Business University, Zorgvisie, ESADE Business School in Barcelona, and Oxford Brookes University, School of Hospitality Management.

For more information about the courses and masterclasses on offer, visit the Hospitality Academy page.

Hospitality Interim Solutions

Do you want to make your business or organisation more hospitable in a people-focused way? And do you want to increase the return on the development of hospitality? It’s a good plan. However, many organisations find this to be something that is difficult to do. That is why Hospitality Interim Solutions provides experienced and inspiring developers, who work in organisations on a temporary basis and make the integration of hospitality a reality. These organisers are real make-it-happen managers who are passionate about the subject, about getting down to work, about organising and implementing a concept, and about making ‘hospitality’ a permanent feature of your organisation.

Interested in finding out about the Interim Solutions our Hospitality Consultancy can offer? Then why not visit the Hospitality Interim page.

Hospitality International Projects

There is a growing demand for Hospitality Consultancy and training on international markets. We take a proactive approach to this through our Hospitality International Projects. We work all over the world and countries we are currently active in or have been active in include China, Georgia, Rwanda, Singapore and Spain.

Interested in finding out about our international activities? Read all about them on the Hospitality International Projects page.

Hospitality Inspiration Tours

In our view, hospitality is something that you experience, do and undergo yourself. This is why we arrange our Hospitality Inspiration Tours. These are short trips during which you experience what exactly hospitality is. You also draw inspiration from entrepreneurs who have made hospitality an aspect of every part of their organisation. The entrepreneurs explain how this can be developed within your own business or organisation. Inspiration tours are also great for team-building days. Our tours take place all over the Netherlands and can also be designed to meet your own particular requirements.

Interested in finding out if there is a tour that would be suitable for you? Then visit our Hospitality Inspiration Tours page today.

Hospitality Consultancy offers many more options, in addition to the activities outlined above. Please contact us to discuss what the best option would be for your business or organisation. Let’s work together to boost your business!