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Whether the aim is people-focused hospitality, customer friendliness or patient care, the development of hospitality is not something you do just once. Hospitality is something that needs to have attention paid to it as a core value and as part of training as a whole. In order to offer companies and organisations support for this, we develop hospitality training courses, masterclasses and other training programmes, both on our own and in collaboration with other parties. The aim is to inspire participants to get to work on the development of people-focused hospitality within their own organisations.

Masterclass in Hospitality Leadership

This is a unique collaboration between the Hotel Management School Maastricht and Nyenrode Business University. Acquire the very latest insights in order to create your own outstanding organisation. Go on your own journey of personal development as a serving leader and draw inspiration from other participants from different industries. Benefit from practical tips and tricks from the field of work provided by entrepreneurs who are happy to share their knowledge. This hospitality training course is provided by top tutors and professors from the Hotel Management School Maastricht and Nyenrode. The masterclass consists of two blocks, each lasting two days, and a return day.

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  • download the brochure
  • go to Nyenrode Business University
  • contact the programme manager, Maarten Bos, in person

Masterclass Patiënt-centric care

A unique collaboration between Zorgvisie, Nyenrode Business University and the Hotel Management School Maastricht. Put ‘making the patient the focus’ into practice and learn how you, as a healthcare professional, can empathise with the wishes and needs of your patient. Why is this so important? How can you become even more service-minded and more customer friendly so that a patient’s stay in your healthcare institution is as pleasant as possible? This is a practice-based masterclass that focuses on many examples from day-to-day healthcare. The focus is on what we can learn from those aspects that are working well and how we can then apply those lessons to our own situation. The masterclass is held over two consecutive days.

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Hospitality Consultancy Course

The Hotel Management School Maastricht offers the Hospitality Consultant course in cooperation with its clients. The aim of this course is to train participants to act as Hospitality Consultants in independently supervising a hospitality development programme within their own organisation, all on the basis of the 3H vision. If required and desired, they make use of the toolbox developed for this purpose. This hospitality training course is held over a total of six days, spread over a period of approximately six months.

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Masterclass in Hospitable Care

The Masterclass in Hospitable Care was developed through cooperation between John Hokkeling, the Hotel Management School Maastricht and the Gastvrije Zorg magazine. The hospitality training course is designed for managers and team leaders working in healthcare and who are involved with, or want to get involved with, hospitality. You work on your own personal development and the development of those working around you in your team, department or organisation. The course is a practical one and provides ideas for immediate application. One unique aspect of this masterclass is that you will spend each session at a different hospitable location. The masterclass consists of six separate sessions (one a month).

For more information:

  • download the brochure
  • contact the programme manager, Jeroen Frerichs, in person