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Interim Solutions

Do you want to make your business or organisation more hospitable in a people-focused way? Or perhaps you want to increase the return on the development of hospitality? Hospitality Interim provides you with an experienced and inspiring developer on a temporary basis. The developer makes integrating hospitality (something that many organisations find very difficult to achieve) a reality. You can count on working with a bold, make-it-happen manager who will ensure that you make progress in the development of hospitality.

Our interim developers have experience in every aspect of the process, from design, recommendations and implementation to the embedding of people-focused hospitality in organisations. We will be happy to provide you with advice on a project-by-project basis for all of the different activities associated with hospitality, customer friendliness or patient centricity. Once the initial ideas and the design are ready, our primary focus is on taking action. Our approach is that hospitality development should not be top-down, imposed by management, but instead bottom-up, enjoying the full support and dedication of management. This means that any developments are supported by all staff at every level throughout the organisation.

Want to make your organisation more hospitable and need some help in doing so? Then please contact us. In addition to Interim Hospitality management, we offer Hospitality Consultancy services and Hospitality Training courses.