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The right hospitality concept will enable you to achieve your qualitative and quantitative targets (customer satisfaction and results) even more effectively. The Hospitality Consultants at the Hotel Management School Maastricht work with you to make this happen. One of the benefits of improving customer focus, patient centricity or guest orientation is happier staff. Those staff then provide the ‘magic moments’, ensuring that customers enjoy an outstanding experience.

We are proud of what we do. And we put our heart and soul into doing what we do, working together as a close team.

  • We believe that truly human relationships and interaction (hospitality) will play an increasingly relevant role in this world of continuing globalisation and digitisation, also within a business context. Hospitality could well become the most significant distinguishing factor in business.
  • On the basis of our drive and passion, we dream of making the world more people-focused, as far as our range of influence will allow. And of doing so in a people-focused, inspiring, innovative, authentic and distinctive way. We practise what we teach.
  • In our role as Hospitality Consultants, we want to set the tone by basing our work on our motto, which is ‘Share the next step in hospitality’. We work with you to develop new concepts and solutions.
  • We do so by offering our clients outstanding, high-performance consultative services and assistance, based on our shared values, which we call the 3Hs (Hospitality, Happiness and the Human Touch).

Interested in finding out how we can boost your business and exactly who we are? Please do not hesitate to contact us.