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Hotel Management School Maastricht offers a four-year programme during which ambitious students become professionals in the international hotel industry. Besides excellent, worldwide highly regarded education we offer students a unique campus, a private hotel and a pleasant student time in one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands.

Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem

Bachelor programme

The bachelor Hotel Management lasts four years. During this period you will gain knowledge, skills and practical experience. We have our own Teaching Hotel where you will learn about all the facets of the profession. You will also deal with 'real life' company assignments and international internships. And last but not least: we offer exchange programmes with other institutes in Europe and beyond.

A good manager has a number of personal qualities. That is why personal development, study and career counselling has our specific attention during the entire bachelor hotel management. The guidance is personal and the education intensive and small-scale. This allows students to develop optimally and feel at home at the campus and school. We think this is important since you will be away from your original hometown for quite some years.

International students

Our study hotel management has a Dutch and an English language flow. We have many international students from different cultures. At the hotel school you make friends for life because you study and work together on projects. Many of the students spend their free time together too. In that respect, the school and Maastricht offer you great opportunities.

It’s important to relax because the study hotel management study is not just fun. It’s also challenging. We ask our students to take responsibility for their own learning process. Of course we will help and personally guide you. But in the end you have to do it on your own. But hey, if you have the will and ambition to become a professional in hospitality, no doubt you will manage!


With the internationally recognized degree from the Hotel Management School Maastricht in your pocket, you will literally have the world at your feet. You will definitely make a good start. Whether you plan to run a hotel, start your own business or start working in another industry. If you feel the need to study even further you can choose between master’s degree courses or the university.

Our graduates are popular in all industries and organizations where hospitality plays an important role. Thanks to their customer-oriented attitude they are wanted for, among other things, management and advisory positions at care institutions or service companies and in the congress and exhibition sector and financial services. After graduation you can choose between many interesting branches. 


Do you have any questions or do you need more information? Please contact us. We love to tell you more about our education and school. We hope to hear from you soon!

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