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After graduation

Career prospects

Graduates of Hotel Management School Maastricht usually find a job quickly. The main reason for this is that the hospitality industry recognizes them as good employees with an excellent attitude and a thorough basic knowledge. This makes them suitable for a variety of positions.

Various sectors

Wherever you go in the world, you will meet alumni of the Hotel Management School Maastricht. Many of them have managerial jobs in the international hotel industry, but our students are also in demand elsewhere. They may, for instance, work in management or consultancy jobs, for healthcare institutions or service companies, in the conference and exhibition sector and in financial services. Banks and insurance companies select our students for their customer-focus. Take a look at some of the positions our graduates hold.


After graduation from the Hotel School, you may opt to start your own business. Your degree will fulfil the requirement of professional competence for starting or taking over a hotel, restaurant or wine merchant company.

International career

If you wish to start an international career, you can apply to many hotel chains for a manager in training programme. Every year, representatives of various hotel chains give presentations on the career opportunities in their organizations.

Postgraduate study

You can also opt to continue your studies after graduation:

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