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Admission requirements

Interested in studying the International Bachelor of Hospitality Management at Hotel Management School Maastricht? Check out if you are eligible by carefully reading our admission requirements below.  
Please note that we offer a selected entry programme which is quite competitive. We recommend interested candidates to apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of being placed for your preferred intake (September or February).

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Admission requirements

1. Candidates must have an academic qualification enabling them to follow Higher Professional Education, in accordance with the guidelines specified by an independent body. Please check if your secondary diploma meets our requirements (please note not all diplomas are included in the overview). If your secondary education is not on the list, then feel free to go to Studielink and submit your application and copies of your diplomas there. We will be pleased to verify your eligibility free of charge for you.

2. Candidates must demonstrate adequate proficiency in English. Candidates who:

  • are native speakers of English and/or;
  • have completed at least two years’ full-time education in the preceding three calendar years with English as the language of instruction and/or;
  • have completed their secondary education in the European Union and have had English as an exam subject in their last year of study

are deemed to have fulfilled this requirement. Those candidates to whom this does not apply must submit proof of sufficient scores (Before 1 July 2019) on one of the following tests when applying:

  • TOEFL test (Internet-based score must be at least 80, paper-based score must be at least 550, computer-based must be at least 213, please refer to their website and please note to use the academic version.
  • IELTS test (score at least 6.0 IELTS, please refer to their website
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (any pass grade, please refer to their website
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (grade A,B or C, please refer to their website

Only limited dates are available for testing. Please register in time for the test to ensure you have the results back in time.

Please Note: We do not accept certificates that were issued longer than two years ago from the date stated on the certificate.

3. Proof of advanced knowledge of a second modern language (for example native language, exam subject or acknowledged Language Certificate at A2 level or above). 

4. Although not a requirement, we strongly recommend applicants to complete business related courses such as economics, finance, accounting, management etc. in secondary school.

Important 1: work experience and/or gap year

Although not an official requirement, we recommend applicants to gain hospitality related work experience. This is something we really value at HMSM. If you take a gap year in which you undertake activities to better prepare for our programme, please do feel free to let us know as we will surely take this into account.

Important 2: HMSM language curriculum

HMSM offers French, German and Spanish, starting at A2 level. If your second modern language is not one of these three languages, then you have the option to enroll in the Dutch classes, starting at beginner’s level. However, if you wish to follow French, German or Spanish as part of the programme, then you will be required to provide an acknowledged Language Certificate or proof of enrolment in a certified language course (at A2 level) before 1 September (September intake) or 1 December (February intake).        

German language courses are recommended to be certified by the Goethe Institut, French courses by Alliance Française / Institut Français and Spanish courses by the Instituto Cervantes.                                                                      

Please Note: We do not accept certificates that were issued longer than two years ago from the date stated on the certificate.

Important 3: economics focused bachelor

Our bachelor programme has a strong focus on economics. If you have any doubts about your foundational knowledge of these business subjects, then you could consider enrolling in a refresher course. We see excellent results with candidates who have completed such a course. In The Netherlands we recommend the Boekhoudcollege.


Admission to the course is conditional on you passing your final secondary school exams. If you fail these exams, your right of admission will be forfeited. However, you may re-apply for selection the following year.

Application deadline

Students can apply for the academic year 2019-2020 online through The application deadline for the intake in September as well as in February is 1 May 2020. The sooner you apply, the better your chances of being placed in your preferred intake (September or February).

More information

For questions regarding your application, admission or obtaining a language certificate please contact: Melody Mast.            

T: +31 6 - 435 77 147

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