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The language programme at Hotel Management School Maastricht includes two languages. English is compulsory for all students, but the choice of the second language is free.

If you enroll in the English language programme, you can choose from German, French, Spanish or Dutch as a foreign language. Please note that the entry level for the first three (i.e. German, French and Spanish) is A2. If you have completed secondary school examinations in the language you wish to choose, your entry level is adequate.

If not, you will have to demonstrate a certificate of an accredited language course in the language of your choice or at the very least a certificate of participation in a course at the right level before 1 September (September intake) or 1 December (February intake). The easiest way to do so is to mail a scan to the Selection Board at Dutch, however, does not require any prior knowledge or skill, and starts at an absolute beginners’ level.

For more detailed information, e.g. on which organisations accredit language courses, please check the admission requirements.

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Lecturer Alf Keulen tells you all about the language programme of the Hotel School


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