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Student flats

During your first (half) year at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, you’ll live in a student flat on campus. You will have your own room and share a bathroom with other students living on your corridor. Meals are served in the restaurant.

campus room

The rooms on campus are fully furnished like in small hotel rooms and comprise a:
• bed
• desk
• chair
• wardrobe
• bookcase
• refrigerator
• wash bowl and mirror
• telephone, cable TV and internet connection

New campus flats

In 2019 we started with the building of new student flats. The 390 new rooms will have a contemporary feel and have their own bathroom. Kitchen and living facilities will be shared between 12-15 students. We will keep you updated on the planning, so regularly visit this page to check progress!

As a result of the preparations for the new buildings, HMSM will, temporarily, have fewer rooms available for new students. As a result, the majority of students will only live on campus for half a year until construction work has been fully completed. As of that moment, all new students at HMSM will live on campus for the entire first academic year.

Living, learning, friendships for life

Life on campus is not only fun, it’s also a school in itself. Which is why we decided that all first-year students should live there. By living and working together with your fellow students, you will automatically develop a number of essential skills. You live and study together, help each other, are considerate to each other and learn to resolve conflicts. These are social skills that can make all the difference in the ‘world of hospitality’ in which you are going to work. And, last but not least, on campus you make friendships for life. This is where you start building your social network that will be a source of pleasure throughout your life.

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Student Ornella Kengne Kamga Moche talks about her year on campus.


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