Castle and park

A few tips to newcomers

After one year of living on campus, Rachelle Santelia offers valuable tips to newcomers

“Remember to register at town hall and to take out home insurance (contents cover only – Dutch ‘inboedelverzekering’).”

“Do not underestimate the demands homework will place on your time. If you are good in languages, check whether you can be exempted from a course. Make sure you earn all first year credits. That will save you an inordinate amount of stress.”

“Having your own printer in your room is very handy, as the library does not open until 8.30 AM.”

“The Feesfabriek is the ultimate hotel students hotspot. Cheap meals can be found at Kiwi, and cheap cocktails at Beez. And every Thursday night, you can eat nine skewers of meat for nine Euros at Vrijthof Square.”

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