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Third and fourth years

The first semester of the third year focuses on strategic hotelmanagement, building on knowledge, skills and experiences that you have already acquired. You then use the insights that you’ve obtained to draw up a realistic business case commissioned by an existing hotel. This phase allows you to show that you’re also able to operate at a strategic level.

Students working on their management project.


In this phase of the programme, you may also wish to consider the direction in which you want to develop. In fact, we offer you the opportunity to specialize in the last year and a half of the programme. This is a way to customise your programme in order to set yourself apart in the labour market.

The Hotel School offers the following tracks:
• Hotel Management
• Food Service
• Horizons in Hospitality

The content of your track will be defined in terms of one or two minors in semester six, your research project and your management internship.


A minor is a completed course unit of 10 or 20 weeks. Interesting minors are offered at Hotel Management School Maastricht, at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and even at the national level. You must choose at least one minor closely related to your track, but you have complete freedom of choice regarding the other one.

Management project

In the fourth year, you will have an opportunity to show that you’ve acquired all the competences that correspond to the profile of a hospitality manager. In the first six months, you and a number of fellow students will work on an advisory project for an external client. This will be in the form of a complex management problem. You will have to familiarise yourself with the subject, formulate a research question and carry out practically focused research. Based on your findings, you will produce a realistic advisory report and round off the assignment by giving a presentation to the client.

Management internship

The last five months of the course are reserved for your management internship. This may be in the Netherlands or abroad, and in a hotel or other hospitality-related company, depending on your track. One of your tasks will be a specific internship assignment. The management internship is perfect preparation for your first real job and, in fact, it’s not unusual for companies to offer students a contract upon completion of the internship.

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Student Jan Hop talks about the four tracks at the Hotel Management School Maastricht.


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