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A minor is a course unit of 10 or 20 weeks. In your third year at the Hotel School, you will sit two ten-week elective courses. Choosing a minor means specializing in a particular field of your choice. You can opt for a minor at the Hotel School, at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences or at another university (of applied sciences) elsewhere in the Netherlands. Instead of taking a minor, you can also opt to study abroad in a six month exchange programme ór follow the Zuyd postgraduate (pre-master's) minor.

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Minors at the Hotel School

The minors on offer at the Hotel School are related to the various specializations. Our minors correspond to specific developments, current themes and trends in the hospitality industry. But in some minors we also examine themes from the regular programme in more depth. You must choose at least one minor that matches your track; you are free to choose the second minor.

Minors at the Hotel Management School Maastricht

• Creating Customer Delight
• Horizons in Hospitality
• Foodservice
• Gastronomy
• New Business Development
• Revenue and Real Estate Management
• Tourism Footprint

Minors at the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Every faculty offers minors that relate to its core business. In fact, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of minor courses, including Event & Conference Management. Choosing an option that matches your specific interests will bring an individual touch to your bachelor course and will help you to set yourself apart in the labour market.

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Integral part of the minor Food Service is the Breathing Mother Earth Tour


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